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Some Facts

Welcome to Nappy Head Art. I am a visual scientist, using all types of mediums ; canvas, wood, metal, paper, glass, or a combination of two or more to accomplish my objective - a finished work of art, that speaks to me as i view it.  There are no rules, no shame to my game as i take it to the limit proudly,like Miles on the horn, i work with a purpose and with passion.

Robert daniels was a former high school and collegiate All-American in track and field.In 1969, he won the N.A.I.A. National Championship in Billings, Montana. He was selected to appear in the 1970 edition of Outstanding college Athetes of America (a publication of college sports ).

This photo was taken at the University of Texas, at Bobs first collegiate track meet (he won in record time ). 

First you dream then you act upon it.
ovationtv.com .All you need is love, and a strong heart.


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