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More Art..........Some Old, & Some New-

This page displays some of my larger works.

This page shows realistic abstractions of club scenes, cultural depictions of people. and natural forces at work.

The Piano Player ......60x100

This picture depicts an underground club site from the 70s.

El Barrio-East Harlem,New York

This is the 100st that I lived on in the 70s The sight of grandma bringing Jose to the center or titi Nancy running up the steps to make morning line-up. Papo whaling on the congas in the 103rd street park to the smells of arroz con pollo drifting by.

Make A Joyful Noise.....60x100

It all begin in the church. Bible study, socialization, building strength and asking for another day especially thru song.

This is one of my favorite images
Mama-My mother was a highly spiritual woman as well as good looking.She was the high yellow skinned type with a figure that made an hour glass go cock a doodle do at twelve oclock
Work in progress

Mixed media - paint, paper, glass, board,


Painted in 2000 in the old studio at 417 south sixth avenue in mount vernon, new york.


This picture was composed and painted onto an old art board that was being tossed into the garbage. i happened to be walking by, saw it and took it home to paint on as you see.