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Thinking About the Ancestors

The Journey to the Americas Artist-Robert daniels
The trip was long and often without food and drink but our ancestors endured the hardest of times. We are a strong proud people.

The Slave Ship

We came packed in these tiny quarters like sardines in a can. There was no privacy or separation according to sexual gender." Get them in the boat ", as fast as you can, as many as you can was the decree given by master.

Ancestorial Passage
This piece of art was painted on a wooden ironing board. All of the ancestor pioeces are painted on wood to remember the once living but dearly departed.
The Living and the Dead

This is part of the collection on the passage series. WE lived and died together.

Guardian Spirits-robert daniels
This sculptured painting was done on a piece of wood that measures 18x26. The mixture of mediums help to give the feeling of what it must have been like to have expierienced this ordeal. 
Coming to America

We were families separated by strangers for the sole purpose of fostering an economy that we did not enter into or enjoy the privileges such as the food, shelter, or entertainment as we were the entertainment.

Men Women and Children
The slave owners were a ruthless lot and no one was excluded from their enterprizing eyes. They sold men, women, children and newborns if available.
The Ancestors
This was the second picce of the ancestor series.It was done on the wooden tabletop that I used to draw on in elementary school. It depicts the legend of the original ancestors and their flight to freedom in Africa.
The African American Family
The African American Family does believe in values.It does have a system of right and wrong. There is morality. We are not beast and jungle bunnies. There is God, and love and unity.
Justice in America
Unfortunitely, the African American family was separated at every opportunity to continue the theory of divide and con
The American Nightmare